For cosplay contest contestants!

10 Things a Strong Cosplay Competitor Should Be Pretty Good At

This is a an article written by a cosplayer that I’ve only been following for a couple of months.  But he’s absolutely fantastic with years of experience.  When I first saw the headline for his article a couple of things jumped into my head that I would want to see addressed.  And he hit every single one of them.

This is a great read for those of you out there that would like to start entering cosplay contests, or if you already do, take your entries to the next level.  A ton of my friends are all award winning cosplayers and I’m friends with even more of the “cosfamous”.  But being recognized in those terms has never been my thing.  Sure it can be fun, but I don’t need the competitive side, I don’t do it for the recognition, and I don’t require the money or prizes.  I cosplay for me and my friends.

At the very least, take a trip over to Wirru’s page and see what “next level” cosplay looks like.

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