Color me chartreuse and pee on the back of my head. It’s an update!

It’s been a while.  To say the least.  I believe somewhere down the line I did mention that I’m lazy.  My lack of posts proves that.

I’m, hopefully, going to pick up a bit more on the writing here.  Probably not in the same vein that I was originally.  There will still be the cosplay posts.  But instead of tutorial type posts, more blogs about con life.  If you’ve read any of my posts it doesn’t come as a surprise that I tend to run at the mouth.  So why not put that to good use?

Blogging is something that I’m pretty good at.  Not in the I’m Going to Find Some Weird Story and Break it on the Internet.  More along the lines of, Here’s My Life, Take it or Leave it.

On of the things that I have always wanted to do, since I got started in cosplay, is to cozy up to famous cosplayers and get more intimate details out of them about their lives.  Not information like what their measurements are.  I mean real information that will help their fans connect to them, get a real idea of what the lifestyle is like, and show them as human beings.

I’ve spent years working my way past the obvious stereotypes.  I’m old enough to be most of their dads.  Automatically creepy.  I’m a guy.  Automatically creepy, possibly dangerous.  Stereotypes that, all too often, prove true.  These days I’ve built enough of a relationship with many of them that I can approach them and not make them feel cornered.  They can relax and be comfortable knowing that I’m not going to do anything to send them running.  In fact, I know them well enough now that I can start asking them for interviews.  BECAUSE they know I’m not going to ask about their measurements or home addresses.

While that is a huge part of the direction I want to go, there are other considerations.  HOW do I want to present the information?  Live feeds, podcasts, youtube, transcripts?  What format works best for me, for them, and for the fans?

I’m not looking to get this figured out tonight or this weekend.  Just something to start shaping and directing in the near future.  Emerald City Comic Con is in March and, fingers crossed, I’ll do my first set of interviews there.  With a possible panel at the show, 2 new costumes, and 2 reworked costumes, ECCC could be a big one for me.

Let’s see where this goes.

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