La La Land

So I’ve actually purchased just about everything that I need for my next cosplay.  I have the fabric.  Including practice fabric because this is going to be a monster project.  Now I’m starting to get motivated to get my ass moving and get started but work has me in Texas for 2 1/2 weeks.  It was supposed to be 1 week and I packed accordingly.

I mentioned that I have just about everything that I need for the next cosplay.  What I don’t have is software.  Most of the cosplayers that I talk to scoff at the idea of using software.  Ok, scoff may be a tad harsh but none of them use it.  They have the experience and knowledge to just start doing it.  Which is a little daunting for somebody like me.  I’ve got the idea in my head but getting it down on paper is another matter.  Not to mention breaking it down into component parts that can be cut out and sewn together.  Naturally this is not some skill that you are born with.  At least I hope not.  That means I have to learn it or figure out some other way of getting it done.

To me, this dilemma just screamed SOFTWARE!  You would think that the fashion industry would have software that is created specifically to aid in designing clothes and then getting those designs made.  Well, it turns out, there is.  In fact, there are several.  Most of the ones that I saw are limited however.  Consisting of drawing type programs.  Everything you need to create a look on screen.  Stylized mannequins that look great.  But they don’t help you with the measurements or creating patterns to work from.  One of the programs I ran across looked more like a pyramid scheme.  Something alone the lines of the “create a store online that requires no inventory or overhead on your part” things that were popping up years ago.  But there are a few out there that seems to be much closer to what I’m looking for.  The key is finding programs that can create patterns.  I did find a couple and they look promising but they do seem to focus primarily on the pattern making and less on the designs.

I did find one, however, that was everything that I hoped for.  From a strong database of basics to a fully realized design software and the capability to create patterns from the designs.  It was multiplatform compatible and fully supported.  Which, of course, means it was too good to be true.  This was reinforced by the fact that the price of the software was not listed anywhere on the site.

The functions and modules that I was looking for would cost about $12,000.  Which, admittedly, was a little out of my price range.  But they did offer a payment play, which I thought was nice of them.  About $750 per payment.  I forgot if it was monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly.  Not that it really mattered.  When I was talking to the salesman on the phone, yes they called me to get an idea of what I needed and that they could provide it, I am pretty sure my lack of enthusiasm after he mentioned the price told him everything he needed to know.  Even after he mentioned the payment option.  I thanked him for his time and let him know that this was no in my price range.  He actually asked what the intent was and about this website.  Which is cool.  I’ve got nothing to hide in that respect.

To be honest, their customer service and the capabilities of the software easily won me over.  The price tag, however, makes it clear that this is an investment for a much larger company.  If I did have an extra $12,000 kicking around that I didn’t need on any fuck all number of other things I would absolutely have purchased it.  By the same token, if I could afford all the software and hardware to design my own Xbox or Playstation, I would.

Due to the lack of funds and options I am turning to low cost apps for my Surface Pro.  Unfortunately my lack of artistic ability is making it more frustrating than helpful.